Thursday, December 13, 2012

Domestic science

Everyone agrees, writes Atrios,
Obama needs to give the Republicans the cuts they want, even though they refuse to specify what those cuts are.
It's Bad Relationship talk!
D: Hey, you want to do something?

R: I am doing something.

D: No, I mean later. You want to do something later?

R: Well, duh.

D: Like—I thought maybe we could pass that revenue bill, and then go for a drink someplace?

R: Oh, one of your revenue bills! Where you raise taxes on all my friends so you have more money to spend on your widows and orphans? Just shoot me right now, please.

D: Look, we agreed a million times already, we have to pass the bill. It's not all taxes, we'll cut some budget too.

R: Oh, really? Like what?

D: Well, what would you like to cut?

R: You don't know?

D: Sometimes I don't even recognize you any more.

R: Oh, it's always about you! Maybe if you could try being a little less self-absorbed for a change...
From PubArticles.

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