Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Selective fail

Albertito Gonzales just crept out of the woodwork to warn us that our president might be in violation of the oath of office:
“To halt through executive order the deportation of some undocumented immigrants looks like a political calculation to win Hispanic votes,” Gonzales told the crowd at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, D.C. Saturday, “and subjects him to criticism that he is violating his oath of office by selectively failing to enforce the law.”
Image by Harpyen at DeviantArt.

Before you start throwing up in your mouth, just take a moment to remember that when the Bush administration started selectively failing to enforce the law they weren't doing it for aliens but for job creators
The federal government is moving to eliminate the jobs of nearly half of the lawyers at the Internal Revenue Service who audit tax returns of some of the wealthiest Americans, specifically those who are subject to gift and estate taxes when they transfer parts of their fortunes to their children and others.
The administration plans to cut the jobs of 157 of the agency’s 345 estate tax lawyers, plus 17 support personnel, in less than 70 days. Kevin Brown, an I.R.S. deputy commissioner, confirmed the cuts after The New York Times was given internal documents by people inside the I.R.S. who oppose them. (New York Times, July 23 2006)
—and not to win votes, that's for the little people, but to win campaign contributions.  (Check out what Jim Cook said at the time. And here's some more evidence.)

Not to be confused, of course, with when they were selectively breaking the law.

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