Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Literary Corner: What the president was thinking is an outrageous

Pablo Picasso, "Glass and Bottle of Suze", 1912.

In this remarkable experiment, Trump seems to have found an analogue to the Picasso collage, appropriating a text, apparently extracted from Di Genova's arguing on the Fox that the presidential power of firing executive-branch employees extends to cases in which the firing is a criminal act (obstruction of justice), from conspiracy theorist Joseph Di Genova, who was on his legal team for some negative number of days last month, and cutting it up in such a way that it no longer makes any sense, but preserves and memorializes the emotion the poet-finder (trobador/trouvère) as TV spectator felt on discovering it.

Unfettered Power
by Donald J. Trump

“The questions are an intrusion into
the President’s Article 2 powers
under the Constitution to fire
any Executive Branch Employee...
what the President was thinking
is an outrageous.....
as to the President’s unfettered power
to fire anyone...”
Joe Digenova, former US

Note how the first two couplets add up to a full sentence, though a difficult one to understand outside the context, and an idea that gradually fragments in what follows, into nothingness.

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