Monday, October 6, 2014

Grimes for Senate

Ex-celebrity burglar James O'Keefe (third from right) with fellow demon sheep, after he finished with parole, June 2013, lifted from his Twitter feed by New York Daily News
Looks like young James O'Keefe got one of his operatives to visit Kentucky posing as an outraged out-of-state liberal donor threatening to withhold contributions to Alison Lundergan Grimes because of her backward anti-Obama position on the Kentucky coal industry:

"My friends and I are longing to give all our money to defeat that vile turtle-face McConnell, but alas, how can we contribute our millions to a hillbilly gun hugger who advocates destroying your beautiful Kentucky mountains and giving everybody black lung?"

"Oh no, sir," says some pathetic staffer (fire those people, Alison!), "She's just saying that because she wants to win. And you want her to win, too, right? Besides, she won't have to vote on the issue in the Senate because the coal's gone already."

Although they certainly didn't have permission from Grimes to say so and Grimes certainly did not tell them those were her views (even if they are, which is beside the point). They had no right to say it and they had no idea whether or not it was true. But they did provide some video that O'Keefe is now using to demonstrate that "Grimes is a liar—her own staff says she is".

Anyway I trolled the troglodytes a bit over at a Jim (dumbest man on the Internet) Hoft subsidiary called "Progressives Today", as follows:

  • Obviously every one of these staffers disagrees with Grimes's public position on coal, as I do, but O'Keefe has no evidence they know what she thinks.
    Although the staffers who say the coal industry is already dead in Kentucky and the question is moot are right. Coal is Kentucky's welfare queen, the state government has spent hundreds of millions to keep it going, but it can't make any money any more. The state has already lost two thirds of the coal jobs it had 30 years ago there's nowhere for it to go but farther down. If you conservatives really believed in the free market you'd let it go.
    O'Keefe says he couldn't find any Grimes staff who thought their candidate was being honest but I ask myself why we should take O'Keefe's word for it when his own pervasive dishonesty is universally recognized, including by conservatives such as Fred Barnes of the Weekly Standard and Glenn Beck's The Blaze and Maine governor Paul LePage, and George Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson To say nothing of the California Attorney General's office etc., etc. The presumption at this point in O'Keefe's career should be that whatever he does is fraudulent.
    Also, she definitely knows a lot more about guns than McConnell does.

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      If what you say about the coal industry is the truth why doesn't your candidate Grimes say the truth? Is she lying? Is that your endorsement for her? She is blatantly lying but that's okay? Funny how that works for the Democrat "If you like your plan you can keep your plan" Party.

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        I don't know, but because it's such a trivial issue I don't care. More important is her support for black lung benefits (under Obamacare!) and tighter safety regulations in the remaining coal mines, which got her an endorsement from the UMW They know she's not going to succeed in bringing the jobs back but they know she cares about coal miners and McConnell doesn't.

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        In other words, just like Gina Bess said in the video. The people of Kentucky are too stupid to know the progressive truth

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