Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tut, tut! It looks like an occupation?

Jodi Rudoren expanding in the Times:

Mark Regev, Mr. Netanyahu’s spokesman, said an invasion of Gaza was “definitely an option.” “It’s being discussed,” he said. “I can’t go beyond that.” Asked about the military official’s characterization of the likelihood as “very high,” Mr. Regev said, “That’s a professional opinion of the military.” Then he added, “But you can be assured that opinion was expressed by the military to the political wing.”
It's their "opinion" that it's "likely". Like, who knows, but we often see an occupation or two this time of year, sometimes quite a heavy one! And we now refer to the Israeli government as the "political wing" of the IDF?

And Avigdor Lieberman explains why it will happen:
“It is not possible to ensure summer vacation, a normal summer for our kids, without a ground operation in Gaza,” Mr. Lieberman said during a visit to Ashkelon.

“We don’t need to rule Gaza or build settlements in Gaza,” he added. “We need to ensure that all Hamas terrorists run away, are imprisoned or die.”

Wissam Nassar/New York Times via Irish Times.

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