Saturday, July 26, 2014

Those wacky Christianists

Welcoming the forthcoming Aaron McGruder comedy series Black Jesus on Adult Swim:
Focal Point host Bryan Fischer put out an “action alert” on his show yesterday because Black Jesus will depict Christ “in the hood,” where he will be “handing out booze to people on the street, homeless people, it looks like to me.” He went on to note that he believes the show “plays to the worst stereotypes of the black community,” and expressed surprise that “black leaders in the NAACP” weren’t already “outraged” by it. (Raw Story)
In the hood.

Passing out booze.

 Always has time for the homeless; why doesn't he hang out with honest people like me?

Next thing you know they'll have a plotline where he makes friends with an IRS agent.

Jan Sanders van Hemessen, Jesus Summons Matthew to Leave the Tax Office, 1536 (Alte Pinakothek, Munich). Via Dwelling in the Word.

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