Friday, July 4, 2014

Cheap shots and skyrockets

Happy Independence Day!

And more below the fold!

Subject line by Jim DeMint:

Hey, Jim, I'm excited too.

Thanksgiving! I have no words.

Later, Kathryn Jean tries to be Jesuit-clever:
(Of course if birth control is not your boss’s business, shouldn’t their beef be with the Obama administration insisting it is?)
You're so right, Kathryn Jean, and it's a longstanding problem. Like the way the Lincoln administration forced plantation owners to get all involved with their workers' finances, by insisting on giving them wages. Gross!

As chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, has faced many a tough question relating to figures but that did not stop him dodging a simple multiplication calculation put to him by a seven-year-old.

Sam Raddings asked Osborne what seven times eight equals but the chancellor refused to answer. “I’ve made it a rule in life not to answer a load of maths questions,” he said. Luckily, Sam, who was part of a child panel interviewing Osborne on Sky News, stepped in to point out that the answer was 56. The chancellor’s refusal came just after he had told Sam in response to a question as to whether he was good at maths: “Well, I did maths A-level so I have been tested at school.” (Via Atrios)
"You see, laddie, when you reach a certain stage, you've got peons to take care of the maths for you. And I got there rather early." 

He had a special A-level outfit too. Via The Void.

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