Wednesday, July 8, 2020

For the Record: With Cheap Shots

Not to mention the administration's ongoing effort (not likely to succeed, because he doesn't have the power under our "federal" system which seems like a good thing for a change) to force public schools to open ahead of time, which just seems ridiculously dangerous, for teachers and other staff, for kids (and the horrible danger of the Kawasaki-like syndrome that has afflicted some when "normal" Covid-19 left them apparently unscathed) and the parents and grandparents to whom they could bring the disease home. I have my own theory of what his "plan" is—

But sometimes I honestly wonder if he isn't really the other kind of psychopath, who deeply just wants everybody dead, not just his enemies

I mean it just makes sense!

And in miscellaneous news—

Katie is of course the lovely bride of White House Jewish Nazi Stephen Miller.

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