Wednesday, July 29, 2020

For the Record: Happy Anniversary Bonus March! (With DACA Bonus)

Bonus Marchers and police, 1932. Photo by an unnamed Signal Corps photographer from the National Archives, via Wikipedia.

Just 88 years ago yesterday, in the midst of the worst economic calamity and one of the most consequential presidential elections in US history, the Bonus Expeditionary Force of 17,000 Great War veterans with their families and social justice warrior comrades were attacked with live ammunition at their Washington, DC campsite by local police, on orders from President Hoover's attorney general William Mitchell, two of them dying, and then driven out by an Army contingent under the command of General Douglas MacArthur.

Our friend Henry noted how much less respectful The New York Times was at the time toward President Hoover than they are toward President Trump today (one of the first papers to adopt a nonpartisan stance, as early as 1884, it had nevertheless endorsed every Democratic presidential candidate since 1912):

Also noteworthy was this:

Here's hoping that's a sign.

Also, while I'm up:


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