Saturday, May 16, 2020

Literary Corner: A Greek Invocation to Call Fools Into a Circle

Already forgot what GG outrage prompted this, but had something to do with how candidate Joe Biden is indistinguishable from Emperor Trump in some views.

To the lost tune of Amiens's song from Shakespeare's As You Like It, here as imagined by Dr. Arne:

Under the Greenwald tree
Who loves to write with me
Drowning his feckless foes
In bucketsful of prose
Come hither, come hither, come hither:
Here shall he see
No enemy
But all our friends together.

Whose takes are so darn hot
They're more than what he's got
Making him want to seem
Increasingly extreme
Come hither, come hither,  come hither:
Here shall he see
The enemy
Is all our friends together.

An if it should come to pass
He's really just an ass
Dumping upon his friends
To questionable ends
Ducdame, ducdame, ducdame:
Here shall he see
The enemy
Is him if you just ask me.

And here as Donovan imagined it, of course, since you can't expect me to skip an opportunity to post a Donovan cut, though the maestro gets some things wrong, notably confusing Shakespeare's an meaning "if" with and meaning "and" and mispronouncing the "Greek invocation to call fools into a circle" ducdame, which must rhyme with "come to me":

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