Friday, June 1, 2018

For the Record: Pardon me, boys

Updated with music at end

I know, here we are, Dinesh again, sorry if we have been over-attentive to this slimy creature at a time when so many important things are going on, but as he was thanking The New York Times in its coverage of his pardoning with the indulgence of the Emperor for, I guess, not calling him a Nazi, I noticed that their story had, in fact, a couple of errors:

That is he didn't lose his voting rights. It struck me that maybe he hasn't attempted to vote since 2014!

Then a quarrelsome person who later blocked me showed up with some of Dinesh's familiar complaints: that he was the victim of the remorseless hatred and envy of Barack Obama and Preet Bharara, who conspired to send him to prison to punish him for his fearless something or other; and that maybe they trapped him into the guilty plea.

Did Obama trap him into the crime, too? asked HammyLicious.

Who knows? asked the guy who later blocked me, trying to move the discussion to a more philosophical plane, but I wasn't putting up with that,.

Here's the guy who blocked me! Not sure why I'm getting this and not any of his other contributions.

From Sun Valley Serenade (1941), with the Glenn Miller Orchestra (belated Memorial Day salute to Glenn), first chorus whistled and sung by Tex Beneke and The Modernaires, second sung and danced by Dorothy Dandridge and the Nicholas Brothers. Just stunning.

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