Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Literary Corner: Be a Man Jimmy!

Image by thevodkaboy/DeviantArt.

Sonnet: He Seriously Messed Up My Hair!
by Donald J. Trump

Jimmy Fallon is now whimpering to all
that he did the famous “hair show” with me
(where he seriously messed up my hair),
& that he would have now done it differently
because it is said to have “humanized” me--
he is taking heat. He called & said
“monster ratings.” Be a man Jimmy!
House Republicans could easily pass 
a Bill on Strong Border Security but remember,
it still has to pass in the Senate,
and for that we need 10 Democrat votes,
and all they do is RESIST. They want
Open Borders and don’t care about Crime!
Need more Republicans to WIN in November!
A sequence of two tweets broke into just 14 lines, so that by moving the first line of the second to the end of the first I was able to create a blank sonnet, communicating the urgent complexity of our emperor's life, wherein at one moment he's concerned with the remorses of a television comedian who was permitted to touch the imperial coiffure in public and now seems completely devoid of gratitude, to say nothing of sorry for the damage he did the coiffure, which probably had to be expensively repaired after the taping, and at the next moment with telling lies about the ability of the Republican caucus in the House of Representatives to pass an immigration bill—they can't, though Ohio representative Jim Jordan was on the radio this morning to say, "We were only 19 votes short, and it wasn't even whipped!" No cigar, Jim.

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