Sunday, June 3, 2018

For the Record: The Self-Denominated Far Left

Drawing by Matthew Diffey, New Yorker via.

So young Master Walker Bragman, the limousine leftist who seems to be aiming at being the HA GOODMAN of the 2018 campaign, took umbrage at a tweet from neoliberal shill Dr. Krugman:
Promise, what follows is NOT ABOUT ROSEANNE. It's about that zombie "economic anxiety" theory of the Trump vote, which keeps coming back, and bad faith argumentation:

Walker was off stewing over that one for some time, and the convo became civil and even kind of productive for a while:

Walker saw his opportunity there and jumped back in:

Only he hadn't really looked at the link he sent me, just as he hadn't looked at the links we'd been sending him that didn't fail to consider the link between economic distress and racial resentment. Sadly, he's just a hack:

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