Friday, June 1, 2018

For the Record: Is Samantha Bee a Traitor to Feminism?

The main thing wrong with the expression used by the comedian Samantha Bee to describe Senior Counselor to the President Ivanka Trump, by which I mean the only thing wrong with it, was that it gave Republicans a way of distracting us from the issue Bee was talking about, which didn't seem to be a part of any of the news stories, but as I learned from Steve, it was the issue that's obsessed me all week. Some idiot kid set me off last night:

On the last, you can sign a petition, find an action to participate in, or download a poster here.

There's something interesting about that assumption that there's something wrong and hypocritical with Bee calling herself a feminist and yet attacking the president's Senior Counselor who happens to be a woman, just because she's selfish, corrupt, and um feckless. I think it explains some of the hostility on the rightwing part to what they call "identity politics", also known as "tribalism"—a belief that caring about the rights of a particular ethnic or religious or whatever kind of group constitutes believing that the identity overrides other considerations. It's assumed that a Black Lives Matter member is wholly indifferent to non-black lives.

There was another comical case of that in Dinesh D'Souza's reaction to the president's unexpected decision to pardon him for his crimes, which was of course a dance of vindictive triumph, because that's who Dinesh is:
D'Souza's rage against the prosecutor of his case is sharpened by rage that the prosecutor was of a South Asian background. D'Souza doesn't hold with "identity politics" himself, of course, but he assumes Bharara does, and therefore was betraying his own principles in taking D'Souza's case to court. They believe that's how "identity politics" works, and whenever they see evidence it's not the case, whether it's young Ryan appalled by Samantha Bee or Dinesh burning with resentment against the brilliant and universally admired Bharara, they fly into a fury.

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