Thursday, May 31, 2018

For the Record: The Horrible Law

Image via Youth Radio.

This thread elaborating and clarifying a point that may have gotten a bit buried in the second post on Trump immigration policy, dealing with the question of asylum seekers at the Mexican border and the plan to break up families. I made an effort to really lay it out and tell the story with no smartass tricks, because I was in a rage at how the muddiness of Trump's mind keeps him from knowing what he's doing, and the Twitter audience has liked it a lot.

There is some hopeful legal action going on, in the form of a suit filed by ACLU early in the year.
The case was filed in February in San Diego because the original plaintiff in the case is a Congolese woman who was separated from her daughter. Gelernt said the case is now a class-action lawsuit that seeks to end the administration’s policy and immediately reunite the separated children with their parents. It was argued on May 4, and it’s unclear when a decision will be issued. (Texas Tribune)

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