Tuesday, November 7, 2017



Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, don't forget to vote. And bring a loved one.

Manhattan voters, if you're still pissed off at District Attorney Cy Vance Jr. for his decisions not to prosecute Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr. for criminal fraud (against buyers in the failed Trump Soho project) and Harvey Weinstein for groping a model even though there was evidence on tape,  even as these criminals seemed to be feeding him very substantial campaign contributions (well-told version of the story at Vogue, of all places), and who is running unopposed for reelection:

  • your protest alternative is to WRITE IN THE NAME OF MARC FLIEDNER, who is actually qualified to be district attorney and has taken no contributions from Trumps or Weinsteins, though he doesn't have a chance of winning

Also in New York, the Board of Election seems to be engaged in some kind of really boneheaded voter suppression, not for the usual reason but just to be stupid: they changed the poll sites for some 20% of the voters before the September primary, that's about 300,000 people, and if you go to your old polling place and it's changed there's a good chance you won't see a sign telling you where to go instead. The City Council passed a law requiring the Board to post such signs, but the Board replied nah nah nah nah you're not the boss of me.

I'm not even kidding:
"I’m sorry — the Board of Elections does not have the right to pick and choose which laws it is going to follow," [City Councilman Dan] Garodnick said. "And the Board of Elections is choosing to ignore a law that would help voters know when their poll site is moved."
The board’s stated position is that the City Council does not have jurisdiction to tell it what to do.
Common Cause and NYC Votes have posted signs at some of the old places. If you voted in the primary then you know where your place is, and if you missed it there's an automated lookup service at the WNYC website.

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