Sunday, November 19, 2017

Annals of derp: Have mercy on me!

Update below

I guess it's perfectly true that Trump has not courted Italian fascism—yet. I mean, there's not as much Italian fascism kicking around for him to deal with. Other fascisms, from Britain to the Philippines, are another matter, as is Stephen Bannon's apparent interest in the "radically anti-egalitarian, anti-liberal, anti-democratic" writings of Baron Evola, but I think it's a more lively question whether Silvio Berlusconi, currently making some kind of comeback, is courting American fascism with his frequent praise of the most Berlusconian of US politicians. Anyhow where was I?
So somebody shows up with an ambiguous message. Not sure what it meant, but thought it might be a teachable moment:

A tiny bit of googling demonstrated that this clip wasn't from Bill Clinton and had been bizarrely decontextualized and misinterpreted (I didn't give her a link for the attachment, because it came from Snopes, which these people regard as Communist Propaganda Central):
Mercy wasn't having any of it in any case.

That's the thing that gets to me. Not just that she refused to look at the link containing the incontrovertible proof that I was right, which is par for the course, but that she's downright pissed off with me for suggesting it. Not your personal assistant!


See the Snopes link for the whole story, though not the part about misattributing it to Clinton, which exists among the bats in Mercy's belfry.

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