Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Headline at a news site I generally kind of like:

Is that right, now? Turns out Trumpy actually has a strategy, and one key statistic explains it?

Sadly, no:
Why would the president consider meddling in those primaries and pursuing policies that will further alienate a majority of the country? Because the base is all he has left....
It’s too early to know how Trump’s historic unpopularity will impact the 2018 midterm elections or the president’s re-election bid. But it has become clear that his core supporters — the 25% of Americans who are with him to the end — are increasingly the only group that supports Trump’s agenda.
It's exactly the opposite; the key statistic is the number of voters who will stick with him if he has no strategy whatever, if he's just being his helter-skelter self.

Trump hasn't "adopted a strategy", ever, though his minions may at one time or another try to do it for him, with the knowledge that he's not likely to cooperate very effectively. That's the minions' job, while his is to be the Leader. He will continue to seek out opportunities to make himself feel good, whether tooting around a golf course or fulminating in a stadium. The latter makes him feel great! And the 25% don't care what he does, though they love the fulmination. They don't love him for his strategy, they love him for appearing not to have one, and I wish the press would try to understand that the fans are right about that, he really doesn't.

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