Monday, July 17, 2017

Maybe this is what will turn Trump's base against him

I see from reporting by Mark Landler and Maggie Haberman that the Emperor has been looking presidential, or at least respectable, again, this time in secret aboard Air Force One on the way to Paris last week, where he was cheerfully schmoozing with the members of the crooked, failing, fakenews press, almost as if he didn't think they were overrated morons, haters and losers, part of the elite conspiracy against him. Why, he was practically like JFK, except for the witty and well-informed part, and the listening to others ("he was not anxious to speak, to convince," wrote Ben Bradlee in his 1975 Conversations with Kennedy; "he wanted to listen, to hear, and that he did most remarkably. Very seldom in my life have I been listened to so well"):

The president had taken off his tie but kept on his jacket — a wardrobe change that for him qualifies as casual Friday — and he was in a happy-hour frame of mind. Expansive, engaging, even at times ebullient, Mr. Trump held forth for an hour, addressing reporters by name and alighting on topics as different as Chinese history and Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
It was a loose, good-humored side of Mr. Trump that the public rarely sees amid the fusillade of angry speeches and venomous tweets that have characterized the president’s first six months in the White House. And it came to light only because he retroactively put the session on the record, asking a reporter the next morning why she had not quoted his remarks.
Haberman herself was that reporter next morning, as we learn from Politico, and apparently this happens a fair amount of the time, where "nervous-looking staffers" try to keep his remarks in background and he overrules them and insists on being quoted.

I wonder why the public "rarely sees" how fond of journalists and anxious to please them Trump is.

Please check the comments. This post isn't finished adequately (h/t Jordan, who noticed), and it would be nice to make it an open thread so I can find out what I had in mind.

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