Monday, May 1, 2017

Mazel tov

Mazel tov to Brooks and Snyder, who tied the knot on Sunday, as reported by our trusty Driftglass, who had the date a week ago and was too nice to write anything explicit about it:

I'm not as nice a person as Drifty, mostly just too busy with the Trumpery, but I have followed these kids through their romance on and off for a long time now, and I don't want to let it go without saying anything.

Also the gift registry, which Driftglass discovered last week, from Zola, a marvelous name for an online trousseau supplier (one of Émile Zola's steamiest novels is Au Bonheur des Dames, a tale of the origin of Parisian luxury-goods department stores during the Second Empire), is still up, and if you hurry you can still pick up something that they will receive with gratitude, as symbols of the community that upholds them.
Welcome! Thank you for rejoicing in our marriage-to-be. We're touched by your presence in our lives. Here's a registry we put together, whose gifts we will receive with gratitude, and as symbols of the community that upholds us. Thanks for your love and generosity.
Because it's naturally not stuff they want, they have plenty of that, but symbols, like the Eucalyptus pewter napkin rings, the Graham champagne flutes, the Wildflower Study apron, with matching potholder and oven mit [sic], the Crate & Barrel Como Swirl dinner plates, the $44 apparently wrought iron cookbook holder, and the Vitamix Professional Series Heritage 750 blender ($598.99), because it's all about heritage, isn't it?

This, too:

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