Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Lede, Buried: She's not promoting it

Via Mic.

Paragraph 10 of a massive interview story in the Times by Jodi Kantor (didn't she use to be a reporter? when did she join the Palace?), Rachel Abrams (late of Variety), and Maggie Haberman, on how "her goal was to be a moderating influence on the administration of her father, President Trump":
By inserting herself into a scalding set of gender dynamics, she is becoming a proxy for dashed dreams of a female presidency and the debate about President Trump’s record of conduct toward women and his views on them. Critics see her efforts as a brash feat of Trump promotion — an unsatisfying answer to the 2005 “Access Hollywood” recording that surfaced during the campaign and the seas of pink, cat-eared “pussy hats” worn by protesters after the inauguration — by a woman of extraordinary privilege who has learned that feminism makes for potent branding. (Ms. Trump is not promoting her book for ethics reasons.)
I misread the parenthesis there, as meaning, "Ethics reasons are not the reasons for which she is promoting her book," i.e., she has some other reasons for promoting it. What? Why would she be promoting it for ethics reasons—why wouldn't she just be promoting it as part of her marketing strategy? And then realized it was supposed to read, "She's not promoting it. For ethics reasons."

What book? Coyly introduced in paragraph 9:
Ms. Trump, 35, a former model, entrepreneur and hotel developer, says she will focus on gender inequality in the United States and abroad, by aiming to create a federal paid leave program, more affordable child care and a global fund for women who are entrepreneurs, among other efforts. Her interest in gender issues grew out of a “Women Who Work” hashtag and marketing campaign she devised a few years ago to help sell $99 pumps and $150 dresses. On Tuesday, the career advice book she worked on before the election, whose title echoes her hashtag, will be published.
It's being released today, and The Times is trying to keep its title secret from the vulgar masses for some reason, but reveals her shoe-marketing hashtag, which suggests it will remind you in some way of "#WomenWhoWork", like for example it might be Women Who Work. Scheduling a majorly long Times interview to appear the day it comes out is just one of the aggressive ways she's not promoting it.

As has been reported in People, New York Magazine, Washington Post, Daily Caller, Vogue UK, Refinery29, E! Online, USA Today, Fox News, CBS News, The Wrap, Vanity Fair, and many many more, she's skipping the book tour and donating the unspent portion of her advance and any royalties through the newly established Ivanka M. Trump Fund to "charitable organizations that support the economic empowerment for women and girls" (LifeZette) like the Urban League and the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

If she keeps not promoting it at this level of intensity she could make herself sick.

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