Friday, May 12, 2017

13 Trump voters

Trump voter encountered outside Dahlonega, GA. Actually Baby Godzilla, of course, and the gravatar of Kevin C in his Yelp review of Dahlonega's Hickory Prime Barbecue.

...interviewed by the New York Times investigating this mysterious, alien world and its views of the firing of FBI director James Comey:

Media, PA
  • Ralph, 61, a "county maintenance man", which is a government employee with decent benefits and a certain status at his age (half the 3100 county employees have union contracts and for those who don't the county tries to match the pay conditions)
  • Augie, 73, retired prizefighter and owner of Augie's Hotdog Stand in front of the Delaware County government offices on Front Street
  • Jack, who "works for a security company", no age given, but he's at least close to retirement age judging from his picture with what looks like a display of American flags for sale in front of the courthouse
  • Ken, 67, semiretired dentist
  • James, 70, no occupation given, in Vietnam Veterans cap
  • Michael, accountant, no age given
Dahlonega, GA
  • Dan, 58, barbecue restaurant owner
  • Josh, no age given, owner of a dry cleaning establishment
  • Marie, 40, works three jobs, one in "an eclectic retail shop"
Cedar Rapids, IA
  • Mel, 76, Vietnam veteran and former car lot owner
  • Steve, 68, retired bricklayer
  • Frank, 72, retired industrial worker
  • Barbara, no age given (but her father recently died, at 92), president of a manufactured-home retailer
All white, I think—but certainly less than half "working class" even if you count retirees. Also 85% male. The age skewing is extraordinary, though maybe hanging out outside the Media courthouse, or Dahlonega's East Main Street shopping district, of a midmorning is a poor technique for finding Trump voters under 60.

But it's pretty clear that the more people over 60 you have in your county, 30% or more of the population, the more likely it was to go to Trump in November (compared to Romney in 2012); age dominance was a more significant factor than whiteness or lack of college graduates. The Times opportunity sample may reflect a simple reality: Trump wasn't the candidate of the "white working class" but of the Get Off My Lawn caucus.


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