Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Annals of Derp: What's the Matter with Sean Hannity?

Thanks to some research conducted with friends on Twitter, I am now in a position to say what's wrong with Sean Hannity, which is that he is unfortunately locked in what the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget referred to as the preoperational stage of cognitive development, typical of children ages 2 to as late as 7.
As a fan, Mortal Wombat/Purveyor of Truth ("What is up with Media Pushing Popular Vote"), explains at the Hannity Forum, "this map shows to me that more of the country wanted a change. But the Libs really need to stop talking about the Popular vote. It keeps fueling the flames of the rioters."

That's it exactly! For preoperational children, if you show them two equal glasses of water and then pour the contents of one into a taller, thinner glass, they will believe that the taller glass contains more water, even though they've seen that it's the same amount.

Via study.com.
Or that a spaced-out row of checkers has more checkers than an identical one more closely packed—that's the one that resembles the Hannity map problem the most, where they can't understand how Brooklyn's mass of people is "more of the country" than Montana's—and so on.

Via SimplyPsychology.
It's not just cynicism on Hannity's part, I think; he's certainly not well educated enough to come up with something like this as a diabolical plot to deceive people. He comes up with it by being really as dumb as his audience. And looking for the results that satisfy him ideologically (in the chart above, the longer dick is the one that is farther to the right, heh-heh).

One picture of a person who died in a car accident involving an undocumented immigrant driver outweighs a chart demonstrating that immigrant drivers play almost no role in the tens of thousands of lethal accidents every year in the US; one food stamp fraud getting interviewed on Fox (for free publicity for his scrap metal band, and I don't believe he even got food stamps at the time) beats the statistics showing food stamp fraud is virtually nonexistent. The video's bigger, and arouses the passions; and the numbers are too damn hard too understand.

I mean he's deeply dishonest as well, but so are most toddlers from time to time. Hannity just gets paid for it.

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