Sunday, January 8, 2017

Expensive shots: Shanghai


Muskcat Coffee, in the park across the river from the Bund, where they sell a wide range of exotic coffees including, at least in theory, the famous Sumatran civet cat coffee roasted, they tell us, from beans extracted from the scat of the civet, 228 RMB per cup. This young woman has ordered a very sweet-looking parfait drink and enormous dessert of eight wedges of something caky surrounding a mountain of whipped cream, all by herself, and appears to be Instagramming it to her circle of friends.


In one of the traditional craftsmen's lanes around Shaanxi Road South in the old French concession, big-character banners denounce the civic authorities' inability to improve living conditions. Cropped and focused in such a way that I'd never be able to reconstruct the words of the six or seven total banners, but I can read the central four characters of the second one, 我们等死 women deng si, we're just waiting for death. You can see the air-pollution corrosion of the wonderful old wrought-iron gate.

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