Thursday, August 11, 2016

O Isis und Obama

Whether the Trump can properly be accused of inviting Russian intelligence agencies to attempt to recover those deleted emails from the equipment that the FBI has been working on for the past year, or of suggesting that if he loses the November election "Second Amendment people" should consider shooting the winner, or of declaring that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are honored by the Da'esh organization as its founder and co-founder respectively, I don't know. Some very well-known people are saying it. Some of the best people are saying it.

Osiris and Isis, via FreakHistorian.

Three Songs
Donald Trump

I Russia, If You're Listening
I have nothing to do with Putin.
I've never spoken to him.
I know nothing about him other than
he will respect me.a
He doesn't respect our president.b
If it is Russia,
which it probably is not,
nobody knows who it is.

But if it is Russia,
it's really bad for a different reason.
Because it shows how little respect
they have for our countryc
when they would hack into a major party
and get everything.
But it would be interesting to see.

I will tell you this,
Russia, if you’re listening,
I hope you’re able to find
the 30,000 emails that are missing.
I think you will probably be
rewarded mightily by our press.d

Let's see if that happens.
That will be next.
a If you don't know anything else about him, how could you know that?
b That makes two things.
c Although it's probably not true, it demonstrates something that would be true if it were true, so that second thing is clearly true in all events. That's just logic.
d We knew Trump wouldn't offer to pay for it.

II Nothing You Can Do, Folks
Hillary wants to abolish—
essentially abolishe—the
Second Amendment. By the way,
and if she gets to pick
if she gets to pick her judges,
nothing you can do, folks.
Although the Second Amendment people,
maybe there is.
I don’t know.
e "Essential abolition" is a different process from repeal (also known as existential abolition), and less cumbersome. Trump could do it if he were president, in the residential quarters, while the vice president was taking care of domestic and foreign policy, so Hillary will probably do the same thing. Then there's nothing you can do, unless you happen to be a Second Amendment person yourself, in which case who knows? The true poet doesn't offer answers, only questions.

III We Unleashed Fury
We unleashed fury all over the Middle East and
it was a terrible mistake. And then
Obama came in and normallyf you want
to clean up. He made a bigger mess out of it.
He made such a mess. And then
you had Hillary with Libya, so sad.

In fact, in many respects,g you know
they honor President Obama,h
Isis is honoring President Obama.
He is the founder of Isis.
He is the founder of Isis.
He's the founder.
He founded Isis.

And I would say the co-founder
would be crooked Hillary Clinton.
Co-founder. Crooked Hillary Clinton.
f I'm not saying Obama is abnormal, but some very bright people have told me that. I just don't know.
g The word "respect" returns, but no longer means the same thing; indeed, it may not mean anything at all.
h I don't know why, but this is the poignant part to me. I picture Isis gathered in a spacious kind of tiled courtyard, surrounded by marble pillars, solemn bearded men in white robes, perhaps waving palm fronds or something, venerating their beloved founder and co-founder: "Ya Obama! Ya Hillary! Alhamdallah!!"

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