Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Landmarks in fatuity

Gunga Dinesh needs to get himself a Google.

Gandhi spent six years, ten months, and three days total in prisons in South Africa and India, compared to Dinesh's eight months in the halfway house.

And they were real jails, too, not comfy dorms he could leave all day and from which he could freely tweet his opinions all night long, like the one felonious Dinesh enjoyed. And occasional dancing the night away!

Oh, and making an illegal contribution to a society ladyfriend's hopeless hobbyist Senate campaign is really not civil disobedience on the grand scale. He could have gotten 16 months for that, plus five years for the more serious charge of causing a false report to be made to the FEC (which was dropped in the plea bargain), but it was obvious that his plot, while criminal, was as trivial and worthless as everything else he has done in his life, and he'd certainly not have done any time if he'd acknowledged his responsibility in the first place, like a man.

Instead he wasted the court's time for nearly two years insisting on his innocence, calling himself a victim of political persecution, and pretending he wanted the case to go to trial, so that when he finally did inevitably plead guilty the judge had no choice but to sentence him to something. It was his own drama queen fault.

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