Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cheap shots 8/4

Superinteresting detail from that new Fox poll:
More Clinton supporters say their vote is for her rather than against Trump (49-47 percent). Among Trump supporters, a majority says their vote is better described as being against Clinton (52 percent), while less than half are voting because they like him (44 percent).
It's can't have the kind of predictive power you expect from the "enthusiasm gap" measure, but it seems morally meaningful that the vote of the Trump community is decidedly negative in motivation, and that of the Clinton community is almost evenly divided between the positive and the negative—though we no doubt dislike and fear the Donald, we're equally, even a bit more, voting for something.

Flying business class (you can see the portholes at top). You can tell she's a working girl by the stylish heels and the briefcase to which she is handcuffed. 

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