Thursday, June 30, 2016

Cheap Shot: Bye, Boris

Via The Sun.
“This is not a time to quail, it is not a crisis, nor should we see it as an excuse for wobbling or self-doubt,” said New York–born British politician Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson as he quailed, wobbled, succumbed to a well-founded inability to trust himself, and decided he'd rather not be prime minister just now, thanks very much.

Strictly speaking, that should be "von Pfeffel", not "de Pfeffel", after an ancestor, Baron Karl von Pfeffel, who married Karoline Porth, the illegitimate daughter of Prince Paul of Württemberg, in 1836. The Johnsons changed the name to make it sound not German. "Johnson" should be "Kemal", for similar reasons, after Boris's paternal grandfather Osman Ali Wilfred Kemal (born in Bournemouth, Dorset), son of a former Ottoman interior minister, who changed his name to Wilfred Johnson during the Great War against the Central Powers including the German and Ottoman empires. It is so terrible that unrestricted immigration is making Britain into a completely different place. The Angles and Saxons would be shocked.

Great take from Driftglass.

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