Thursday, June 23, 2016

All your base are belong to us

Do Smut Clyde's fans declare their allegiance in this frank and appealing manner? I THINK NOT. When was the last time you saw an enthusiastic young person proclaiming herself a "SMUT QUEEN"? Photo by Lauren Gambino/Guardian.
Update: Knowing what "Yas queen" means would likely have inhibited me in the construction of that joke, so I held off finding out, but for readers who are even less hip and even lazier than I am, it is probably not affiliated with me; it is a catchphrase expression of affirmation associated with the television program "Broad City". "Yas" means "yes" and "queen" is a term of address that the young women may use on each other, though I could be wrong about that. And Hillary Clinton has some connection with it, but I don't want to stretch my brain too far.

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