Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday news: George Will is still stupid

Academitasse. Via Caffeine Content.
Conservative columnist George Will on Sunday made a small government argument for dealing with Ebola in the United States, saying that the current government could not be trusted because it had become too large.
“Government is not competent,” Will argued on Fox News Sunday. “Frankly, it is not competent under Republicans or under Democrats. It is always a monopoly, and monopolies are not disciplined by market forces to connect them with reality.” (Raw Story)
Yes indeed. Let's turn the Ebola crisis over to private enterprise. Because there's a lot of profit potential in fighting the disease. How about a joint task force run by Big Pharma and the company formerly known as Xe formerly known as Blackwater (It's now going by "Academi"). The former can work on improved boner pills and resting-face relaxants so people will feel sexier, since Ebola is such a downer it depresses consumption, and that's so bad for the economy, and the latter can shoot everybody in Guinea because they look scary.


That last bit was meant as a gag, obviously, but fearless fascist Todd Kincannon has already gone there in earnest:

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