Thursday, August 21, 2014

New York note

Some Twitter idiot from the Southwest borderlands was saying a week or two ago that if "libs" are so worried about unaccompanied kids from Central America fleeing violence in their homelands we ought to take some of them in up here. Which was of course pretty stupid, because there are more of them fostered or staying with relatives in New York than there are in Florida or California, to say nothing of those pathetic whiners in Arizona.

New York Times, August 7 2014.

And New York is handling it pretty well, too, as you can learn from a warm-'n'-fuzzy story from WNYC radio focusing on soccer as therapy for the traumatic soul injury many of these children have sustained. I was really pleased by the attention given to their voices and the lack of attention to paranoid nativist fantasies about how our country is being invaded.

Also, I bet a lot of readers don't realize this is what the South Bronx looks like. Photo by Mirela Iverac/WNYC.

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