Sunday, July 20, 2014

Professional Artists Reveal!

Netanyahu office Twitter account releases an authentic artist's rendering of a situation that might, for all we know, actually exist, though it also might not! Israel may have massacred the right place! Because if you can imagine it, it could be true! And more to the point,
Because of its proximity to the buffer zone the Israeli army is able to make incursions into the area with one side protected.
It's the "Israel has a right to defend itself" variant of the drunk looking for his $20 bill under the lamppost not because he dropped it there but because the light is better. IDF is looking in Shujai'iyya for the rocket launchers because it's safer for the troops, though not safe enough--13 IDF soldiers killed so far, and
At least 130 Palestinians have been killed since Israel began its ground incursion last week, raising the death toll in Gaza to 350 since the beginning of the operation 13 days ago, including at least 76 children and 36 women.
I don't know whether the creatives responsible for the Tweet are the same as the guys who thought of giving Netanyahu the red Sharpie as a way of proving to the United Nations that it was possible to draw a red line on a cartoon picture of a bomb and that thus, um, Iran, something. But they ought to be at an ad agency selling something a little less lethal, like maybe personal injury legal services, or limousines to the airport, or vegetable peelers.

Photo by Reuters/Keith Bedford, September 27 2012.

Here's another one, this time direct from IDF (of which the Israeli government, as we learned last week from Netanyahu's spokesman Mark Regev, is the "political wing"):
Apparently this is supposed to demonstrate the civilians' treacherous willingness to exploit themselves to make Israel look bad?
By staying in their homes and ignoring warnings by the IDF, Gaza civilian deaths add up, providing graphic images for international and local journalists to beam around the world.
These images have been used in the past — and will be used again — in the propaganda war to claim that Israel is deliberately attacking “defenseless Palestinian civilians” in its war to silence the rocket fire aimed at its own civilian families.
So why is the IDF using this image now, exactly?

Anyway, a much simpler explanation would be that they're saying, "We're civilians! Please don't shoot!"

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