Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheap shots and hot swing

Tire swing installation, Motu Viget, by Mark de Suevero, 1973, Grand Rapids; Photo by Paul L. Newby.
Dana Milbank (via Mark Sumner at Kos) assesses Elizabeth Warren's chances of running for president, based on her conduct of a Senate committee hearing:
Watching Warren combine her encyclopedic knowledge of the regulatory system with her three decades of experience as a professor, it was difficult to picture her launching a long-shot bid for the presidency.... while Warren is a compelling figure — a feisty populist at a time of inequality and resentment — her actions since arriving in the Senate suggest she has neither interest in nor aptitude for a presidential candidacy.
I'm pretty sure he means he's not willing to cover her. Bor-ing! All that intellectual shit would tire him out, and she hasn't got a tire swing, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of tire swings

Wonder what John McCain thinks "predecessor" means?
The senator noted, “I’m not blaming President George W. Bush. It’s not for me to critique my predecessors, especially those that I lost to.”
Inauspicious typos department: The dear departing

Old deans never die, they're just dead already.

Quote of the week:
Ravi Gupta, the *Managing Partner* of RePublic Schools, which is *reimagining education in the south* by operating schools that *value innovation and ownership.*... was recently quoted as saying  *I think one of the biggest worries people have is that charter schools are going to become segregation academies. We are uniquely helpful in helping to address that concern because we are over 90 percent African-American.* Now if you are like me, you just re-read that quote a half dozen times in an effort to try to make it less nonsensical—but I assure you, it can’t be done. (Edushyster)
What is it about a student body that's over 90% African American that makes you think of segregation, for heaven's sake? Image via The Faster Times.

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