Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Bloomsday

Can't recall if Bloomsday (the anniversary of the fictional day in 1904 on which stately, plump Buck Mulligan and yes I will yes and all the joys in between should have taken place) and Father's Day have coincided to my knowledge before, but there is something in it for me, for my dad, who died in 1996, was both a Bloom and a father, like me (by name rather than nym), and more than a bit of a Joycean, though he liked Dubliners best and really hated Finnegans Wake, whereas I am a Ulysses man first and may well even try to read the Wake some day, if I live long enough.

Here's a little music for the old man:


  1. Happy Blooms/Father's Day for both of us for our much missed Joyce-loving Dads.

    Mine's been gone for 23 years. Seems like just the other day most of the time. Memories sustain us.

    Thanks for the music and your memories.

    1. You're very, very welcome! Thanks for writing.