Monday, April 1, 2013

There's something about an Aqua Buddha man

Mr. Pierce quotes from Time:
Ron Paul had a mystifying knack for whipping college-age audiences into a frenzy with dry observations about, say, raw milk or Austrian economics. He won a fervent following partly because he didn't much care about winning anything. His son has a different talent. In a few short years in Washington, Rand - who came of age on the libertarian fringe and ran under the Tea Party banner - has become a skillful political salesman, with a feel for marketing his views to match his audience. (Esquire)
I know what that talent is: convincing the political horse race journalists, like this Time writer, that you are "serious" without doing any of those icky serious things, like talking about economics. No troublesome beliefs about right or wrong, just in it to win it. Ooh, it's the New McCain!

Only with much more interesting hair: this is not your grandfather's senator.

(Whereas this is your grandfather's cult leader.)

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