Friday, January 4, 2013

Cheap shots and caviar!

No Caspian sturgeon were harmed in the making of this post.
Farmed Italian caviar, from Saveur.

Hey, confetti guns don't kill people, you know. No, really, they don't. (Via Raw Story.)
Caviar from Kibbutz Dan. NPR.

It takes a good person with a credit card, via ThinkProgress:
Republicans attacked the new ban [in New Hampshire] as an encroachment of their Second Amendment rights, but according to the Concord-Monitor also sought to derail the bill by warning of a slippery slope:
“A holstered gun is not a deadly weapon. . . . But anything can be used as a deadly weapon. A credit card can be used to cut somebody’s throat,” said Rep. Dan Dumaine, an Auburn Republican.
That's why I always carry my American Express card with me at all times, just in case I'm in a tight situation with some thug slaughtering people left and right with a semi-automatic Discover. All you have to do is charge the guy!

Secrets of the House
But Mark's not going to out the key players in question. There's still such a thing as shame on the Hill, you know, they don't want their colleagues to find out.
Texas caviar. From Simply Recipes.
Don't forget the Simpsons of compassion:

An example of the phenomenon illustrated in the screenshot below was in a right-winger comment in the Times—I wasn't sure whether it was snark or a typo, so I Googled to get an idea.

It isn't even a typo, but an error, by people who think they're spelling it right, like this Average Guy, many of them supporting the Bowles-Simpson plan. Indeed there may be a significant correlation here: people who do not know the word "bowels" are more likely to suffer from Debt Terror than those who do. Suggestive?

By New York artist Chrissy Conant, from Gastronomica.

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