Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bibi loser

Dear Prime Minister,

If you had just called off the Gaza blockade and hung a sign labeled "Kick me" on your back, you know, you would have accomplished almost everything worthwhile you got out of this little war, without any war.
Troops spell out Bibi luzr (the second word is a borrowing from American) with their bodies. Viral image via Noam Sheizaf's blog at 972+.
Now you have army boys mocking you for not giving them a chance to get killed, wise old talking heads talking about how President Morsi, formerly of the Muslim Brotherhood, is a true statesman, Morsi getting more phone calls from Obama than you do, the Labor party trying to present itself as Compassionate Warriors (I guess that's good for Likud in the short run, but somebody's going to note sooner or later that all the wars Israel actually won were fought under Labor governments), five Israelis and 150 Gazans dead. And Tzipi Livni, new leader of the Kadima party, is having a victory party as if she were already PM herself.

Oh, but wait—you've made peace in America! At thousands of Thanksgiving tables today, right and left are in agreement for once: Bibi is a turkey!
This was meant as a pro-Netanyahu image in 2010, after Turkey's fiendish attempt to destroy Israel with donated medical supplies aboard the Marmara—our tough guy laying into Anatolia, I guess. But it turns out that bibi بيبي  is the Moroccan Arabic word for the bird (Meleagris).

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